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Very professional truck repair ; they respond quickly and get the job done in a timely manner ! Highly recommended!!

Shannon Watson

My Semi broke down with electrical issues, had 2 road service come over nd couldn’t figure it out.(had to pay them anyways) Called this guys and within 1 hour he told us is your ECM. We were asked to leave the facility we broke down at and he not only found us affordable towing but also a yard to park. We got another ECM next morning and he had us back on the road at noon. Very good people, affordable and kind. If you need someone that really cares call them you won’t be disappointed

Who knew there was a 26 yr old electrical wizard in this business. I do now. Semi broke down yesterday 01/06/23. Pedal sensor and wiring issues from that said sensor had me dead in the water. Any major player in this industry would’ve stuck it to me and I’d still be out there. Finding an electrician for a semi is next to impossible. Not any more. Awesome job Justin!

Greg Stuckey

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